Top 10 classic variety show bits that deserve another look

Lorne Michaels was definitely on to something when he decided to pair Maya Rudolph with Martin Short for Maya and Marty. In this era of reality TV, we are used to laughing at people, not necessarily with them, and the modern variety show has fallen rather flat. Many people, including Neil Patrick Harris and Jay Leno, have tried to resuscitate variety shows, but they were not successful.  However, perhaps the man behind Saturday Night Live has found a formula that will stick.

Night time hosts like Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and Stephen Colbert have incorporated some great bits into late night entertainment, but there are many bits from the past that deserve another look. These gems from history are consistently funny and stand the test of time. From Nichols and May, to Carol Burnett, to the wonderful Dean Martin, to the original Señor Wences,  to the cast of In Living Color and many more, these variety shows and bits have a great blend of music, comedy, memorable characters and witty banter that can make anyone smile.

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