Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!

Quintessential movie star, Harrison Ford, born on July 13, 1942 was recently at a gala to celebrate composer John Williams.  He quipped that he hears John’s music in his head whenever he hears his name announced, even if there is no actual music playing.  Many movie lovers do too. Ford’s impressive career spans more than 50 years with roles in almost every genre of film.

He may be best known as Han Solo in the Star Wars films and as his Indiana Jones character in the franchise that bears that name.  However, he has fans in many pockets for his work as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner, Jack Ryan in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive and John Book in Witness for which he received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Born in Chicago, Ford discovered acting late in his high school career.  After a stint in summer stock, he went to Los Angeles in search of acting work in 1964. While he had some acting jobs, he spent a lot of time working in other areas including carpentry.  In 1973, he landed a role in George Lucas’ film American Grafitti. He has been a fixture in Hollywood ever since.

Thrice married, he wed his current spouse, Calista Flockhart in 2010. He is the father of five children and he has three grandchildren.

Ford was ranked No. 1 in Empire's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list in 1997.

Happy 74rd Birthday Harrison Ford!

Please enjoy his Oscar-nominated turn in Witness below:


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