'The Mindy Project' - 'Homewrecker' recap

Danny tries to tell Mindy that he’s getting married, instead he scolds her for how messy her apartment is. Danny puts Mindy’s wedding invitation in the mail instead of giving it to her in person.

After the Jodi incident of the last episode, Jodi has been sending numerous apology gifts to Mindy, including a gun. Jodi even writes a 30-minute apology speech. So to get away Mindy and two of her girlfriends, Chelsea and Whitney, are spending a weekend in Miami.

Mindy has been leaving her clothes at work since her closet is Leo’s nursery. However, it’s become a problem when Mindy’s wardrobe starts a fire in the boiler room because the clothes were touching hot pipes. On top of it all, Leo got suspended from his preschool for biting a girl on the playground. Danny totally threw Mindy under the bus at the meeting with the principal of Leo’s school. After the meeting Mindy and Danny get stuck in an elevator together. They spend the time in the elevator swapping dating horror stories. Just as Danny is about to tell Mindy about Sarah, he starts making out with Mindy.

Jodi uses Morgan’s key to Mindy’s apartment to build Mindy a walk-in closet so she doesn’t have to keep all of her clothes at work. Morgan rips a hole in the ceiling of Mindy’s apartment while taking out her fake staircase. This project is off to a great start. Jodi went upstairs to smooth things over with the neighbor. He comes back to inform Colette and Morgan that he bought the upstairs apartment for Mindy. Does anyone else think Jodi has gone off his rocker?

Mindy is very surprised to find Jodi in her apartment after she finally gets home from the night in the elevator with Danny. He shows her the newest addition to her apartment. The episode ends with Mindy feeling very conflicted about her feelings for Danny and Jodi, a total cliff hanger for the season finale.

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