Backstreet Boys and Chex Mix tell the true story of Snackstreet (Video Interview)

Everybody! Snackstreet’s back, alright!

Wait, that doesn’t sound right. The Backstreet Boys are back and better than ever! Not only are they working on a brand new upcoming album, they have also collaborated with Chex Mix to give us a look at their pseudo-rival Snackstreet.

In a video that was released on the official Chex Mix social media accounts Sept. 14, we got a look at the five members who tried their hardest to, in their words to “emulate” the longtime boy band, but did not even come close. The story of Snackstreet clearly showed they tried though. Key word being tried. spoke with Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson to find out more about the collaboration with Chex Mix and what they have coming up. Along with their upcoming album, they are also busy with solo projects. However, they always come back together as a group, proving that you just can’t stop the original. Or try to copy them as Snackstreet attempted to do.

What do you think? Check out Snackstreet but make sure to also see the video below to see what the singers thought of this pseudo-rival of theirs.

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