Review of G Matthews debut LP ‘Chasing Happy’

G Matthews will release her debut LP, Chasing Happy, on Oct. 6. This pop record is fueled by sheer emotion and a dash of power-punk.


G Matthews is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. Though she pursued performing from a young age, her road to recording was winding. After a period of time as a backup dancer, Matthews turned her attention back to singing. The result is this debut LP, Chasing Happy. With a dash of power-punk layered over her pop-rock sound, Matthews creates a fun life soundtrack.


Chasing Happy opens with “Oh Shall We Start Over.” With No Doubt-esque vocals, this song is a solid introduction to G Matthews. The artist’s raw delivery becomes immediately clear, as though she constantly wrings herself out. Perpetuating this theme, guitar-forward “Backtrack” is second up. With sparse yet heavy percussion, this tune will please listeners who miss they heydays of That Dog or The Get Up Kids.


G Matthews continues Chasing Happy with a variety of pop-rock tracks. Drenched in motivational lyrics and karmic themes, songs such as “Doin’ It Right,” “Cheer For Yourself” and “This Bridge” are fun and positive. These are songs parents would be happy for their teenage daughters to immerse themselves in.


In the middle of Chasing Happy, the record takes a sharp turn with “Unsacred.” A very blue gem with heartbreaking and vulnerable lyrics, it will touch many listeners. “Unsacred” demonstrates maturity in G Matthews’ ability to channel awful experiences into something beautiful. The song honestly traces the road through trauma recovery without feeling hopeless.


A solid first effort by G Matthews



The album’s title track is second to last. With a now familiar combination of punk-tinged vocals and pop-rock musicality, G Matthews once again delivers a passionate performance. A radio-ready song, this is a good choice for the title track and music video. Chasing Happy ends with “Pennies and Bricks.” Returning to an early No Doubt sensibility with her own twist, G Matthews delivers a strong closing here.


Chasing Happy is a strong first effort by G Matthews with a very particular sound. If the artist can find her niche audience through which to breakout, it is likely audiences at large will be seeing more of her in the near future.

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