Saint Motel 'saintmotelevision' album review

On Oct. 21 indie pop group Saint Motel released the grooviest album of 2016, saintmotelevision. This album is infectiously danceable. Saint Motel has the ability to take on any sound they want to explore and do it successfully with stylistic commitment.

Hand claps start off the album on the funky, yet contained “Move.” Deep and low vocals invade the verses then turn optimistic during the chorus. “Move” perfectly showcases Saint Motel’s ingenuity, as they make sincere use of a well-known sample. “Getaway” features a thick synth piano line to start, and turns into the frame for the opportune funky bass solo that gives this jovial song more attitude.

“Destroyer” introduces us to an excitable sax solo and could be featured in a modern take of a 1940’s film noir. “Destroyer” is a whirlwind of a song and contains a guitar solo that gives you only just enough, but still wanting more.

“Born Again” is a feel good tune with an optimistic melody and uplifting breakdown. “Sweet Talk” is an island song with a sliding guitar and a dance-worthy chorus. We get a heart-warming ode with “You Can Be You” and a beautiful psych leaning guitar solo.

“For Elise” is fun and highly up-tempo. High strung, skipping vocals and an electric organ make this song a swing declaration of love.

“Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)” keeps running with the electric organ and upbeat rhythm. This song features a tricky guitar line and easy, soothing vocals.

We are teleported into a video game in “Slow Motion.” At some points, this song is the music that plays in your head as the first heavy snow of the season falls. At other times it takes you to a smoky swing nightclub. “Happy Accidents” ends saintmotelevision with a hopeful melody, acoustic guitar and touching vocals.

For only being their sophomore album, Saint Motel knows exactly who they are and what they are capable of with their immense pool of talent. Saintmotelevision is a lively, enjoyable album that will keep Saint Motel fans dancing with satisfaction while bringing in new, intrigued listeners.

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