Must Watch Music Videos- The Lumineers, Metallica, Scandroid

Happy Monday! This week is Thanksgiving – meaning you will likely be cleaning, cooking and dealing with your great aunt Margaret for the better part of this week. Never fear, you are not alone. We too left nail marks on the floor leaving our homes this morning. Let us help you wring the last bit of juice out of the weekend before you face up to the reality of holidays with the family. Today we have an exciting lineup of 10 must watch music videos released over the last week.

Industry regulars like Metallica make an appearance in this edition. Along side them are relative newcomers such as The Chainsmokers. We have Scandroid bringing us a fun synth rock track of their debut album and The Lumineers with a heartfelt story of two life paths.

So before you give yourself over to the grocery shopping-cleaning-cooking-black Friday prepping-turkey gutting week that is Thanksgiving – take some time to enjoy great music and fantastic videos with us.

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