OK Go debuts new video for "The One Moment"

OK Go has long been known for their creative visuals (I still remember their treadmill choreography for "Here it Goes") and they didn't disappoint with their newest video for their song "The One Moment."

The video opens with a series of explosions, including water balloons, guitars and color bombs. The rest of the video shows the same moment slowed down and set to the tempo of the song. The video culminates with the band members walking through (and diving into) what I can only describe as giant geysers of paint.

OK Go posted the video to their Facebook page on Wednesday. The video was filmed in collaboration with Morton Salt (there's even a part where Damian Kulash walks through the video set holding an umbrella like the little girl in the Morton Salt logo). The video is part of Morton Salt's #WalkHerWalk campaign, which seeks to make a positive impact on the world and also collaborates with organizations around the country that are working to make changes in the communities around them.


You can watch the video below.

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