The Pretty Reckless 'Who You Selling For' album review

The Pretty Reckless has officially mastered polished angst with the release of their new album Who You Selling For on Oct 21. Singer Taylor Momsen takes this album by storm and surprises us with newly crafted hard rock animosity in her vocals. Who You Selling For is an exceptional nod to classic rock with hints of soul and country.

The Pretty Reckless begins the album with transfixing “The Walls Are Closing In/Hangman” that features the first of many relentless guitar solos on Who You Selling For.

“Oh My God” is a hard, rough song with an unforgiving rhythm from Ben Philips on guitar and Jamie Perkins on the drums while Momsen scratchily screams into the mic.

In “Take Me Down” Momsen professes that “I gave my life to rock and roll”; The Pretty Reckless has actually proven this lyric in the development of the band over the past five years. Momsen loosens her vocals as she makes a claim for freedom in “Prisoner.”

“Wild City” is full of scattered, funky, teasing guitar riffs from Phillips. Momsen tells a small town legend while Perkins steadily keeps the beat on drums. “Back to the River” is an ideal song for when you need to drive around and feel like you are a part of something greater than what is directly in front of you. This song solidifies its message with a “Free Bird” inspired outro.

“Who You Selling For” features an existential tone that is reminiscent of the band’s previous albums.“Living in the Storm” features ferocious guitar work from Philips with gritty drums and vocals. This song gets down and dirty then is lifted back up in an instant.

Philips undeniably shines on “Already Dead” with a painstaking guitar solo that reels us in. Philip’s prowess is continued into the next song “Devil’s Back.”

The Pretty Reckless end Who You Selling For on a Nine Inch Nails note that is carried by Mark Damon’s bass line with “Mad Love.”

Who You Selling For proves that The Pretty Reckless is a well-formed rock band that should be taken seriously. With their masterful work on this album, The Pretty Reckless deserves to be placed at the top of every true rock lover’s list.

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