Top 10 best Alessia Cara songs

Alessia Caracciol, professionally known as Alessia Cara is a 20-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter. She is currently been signed to EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings. Cara is best known for her debut single "Here." Her songs are based around keeping things down to earth and she likes to speak out about empowering women to be who they are and not what society wants them to be. The star herself prefers not to wear makeup because of her roots against proving societies pressures wrong. Cara believes that scars make people beautiful and they should not be ashamed to show them or change for society.

This young singer has been known to cover various songs that are trending in the music industry. While she covers songs from different artists, she is no stranger to original music in her album Know-It-All.

Here is our top 10 list of Alessia Cara's best songs. 

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