DateBox Creativity subscription unboxing review

Looking for a way to connect with your significant other without having to hire a babysitter? DateBox sends you all the materials you need for a unique date night at home. They start with a Spotify playlist to set the mood and then create fun activities for you to do together, from escape puzzles or games to dancing or cooking lessons. My fiancé and I tried their November Creativity box and loved what we found inside.

The box for this shipment was created specifically for the creativity theme. It was made so you could color it, both inside and out. It was very imaginative and quite pretty.

Inside the package, everything was tucked into tissue paper for a safe arrival. We didn’t have any problems with busted bags or supplies.

This month’s main activity was painting. They sent two quality small canvases, a roll of masking tape to mark off sections, two paint brushes, a drop cloth and a set of acrylic paints. They also emailed me with a link to painting suggestions for those of us who are less artistically inclined. I thought that was incredibly helpful. My fiancé and I each picked a separate set of instructions to follow and had a lot of fun putting them together. I’ll spare you the … er …  beauty of our finished products, but while they may not be something I want to hang in my house, the creation of them gave us time to talk and laugh together.

Along with November’s activities were a few inserts. One was a booklet with tips for our relationship. There was also a card telling us that this box was sponsored by Luke Bryan and offering a contest to win a New Year’s Eve trip to watch him play. Each month has a new sponsor. Bryan created the playlist for this month as well. We’re not country fans though so we didn’t listen to much of it.

Lastly, there was a list of instructions for each facet of the date.

The final activity in the box was making cake pops. I’d never made them before, but they were really simple and all of the components were in the box, minus the wet ingredients. They weren’t the prettiest pops when we finished, but they were certainly tasty. There was enough to make eight pops and I don’t think they lasted 3 days.

DateBox always sends top quality items for their dates. The food is fresh and by good brands. Any art or game supplies also live up to high expectations. Plus, you know you’re not going to be bored with the same old date of dinner and Netflix.

For the price of seeing a movie at the theater, someone else can plan your date and inject some extra creativity into your relationship. Just wait until the kids are in bed and have some one-on-one time. Even if you don’t have kids, who couldn’t use a little spark in the bond with their loved one? The items in the box don’t always add up to the price of the box, but I think the ideas that go into creating something unique to do each month adds value as well.

If you want to sign up for DateBox, click here. The most it will cost you is $34.95 per month plus $5 shipping and you get discounts if you prepay a few months in advance. Go ahead and give your relationship a boost.

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