The Ever After Box November Holiday advent subscription unboxing review

The Ever After Box is a romance novel subscription service that sends out monthly themed boxes. They generally do a mix of print books and ebooks in every package and add in other goodies that fit with that month’s subject. In November they sent out an advent box with an individual pouch to open every day from the 1-25 of December. Here’s what I found inside.

The shipment was sent in a plain brown box with the Ever After logo and monthly theme labeled on top with stickers. It was a simple, but attractive display.

Inside, everything was tucked tightly together to keep all the items from breaking. There was a card on top that listed this month’s print book and how to work the advent calendar.

November’s print novel was Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan. It was a contemporary Christmas read with an uplifting plot. I enjoyed it and reviewed it here. Included with the book were a bookmark advertising the rest of the series and a printed letter from the author. I always enjoy hearing more about the author’s writing process, so the letters are appreciated when I get them.

Packed around the book were all of the pouches for the advent calendar and a wrapped gift for Christmas day. In essence, every pouch had a card with a sponsoring author. Sometimes they were links to their website, other times there was a free ebook or a giveaway going on. I think I received at least 15 ebooks from varying genres. Some I’ll read, others weren’t my style, but it was nice to have so many to choose from. There was also a sticker for the advent calendar and a little trinket from the author in each bag.

I didn’t want to sit and take pictures of and describe all 25 gifts I got over the course of the month, so I’ve included a sampling. There were things like jewelry charms, button pins, keychains, a mini-flashlight, a compact mirror, candy and bookmarks. No two days were the same. I even got an autographed print book from a giveaway.

The Christmas day gift was a small mug that read “Happy Jolabokaflod” which is the tradition in Iceland of printing their books at the end of the year to give as holiday gifts. Apparently books are the main attraction over there and everyone reads for Christmas. I loved the little mug. It’s probably only 6 ounces, so it will most likely end up as a decoration instead of getting used for coffee or tea. I’m a 16-ounce cup of caffeine kind of girl.

While the items in the pouches weren’t worth a ton of money, they did add up and the cost of the print book and multiple ebooks definitely worked out to more than the $29.99 price of the box. The idea was a lot of fun and I took pleasure in opening a new bag every day.

The nice thing about this service is they let you know ahead of time what next month’s theme will be so if you’re picky about your romance genres, you can skip a month. Also, most boxes have more traditional subscription goodies like tea, tote bags and fashion accessories. If you’d like to sign up for January’s Happy Birthday box, click here to learn more about it.

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