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Well, now you have your teen beauty gift guide here from, but what if you want to get something else for a teenage girl in your life?  There are so many options, but even a desired and convenient gift card to Pink, the Gap, Starbucks, Amazon or Urban Outfitters is boring for the gift-giver.

But first a question, what does the teen you are buying for like to do? Is she a fashionista? A gizmo fan? A traveler?  An athlete? An artist? Maybe she likes to try lots of things.  We can help.

One can’t really do a guide for teens without feedback from teens.

Presenting our teen testers for The Celebrity Cafe teen gift guides: Hannah and Noelle.

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Please allow me to introduce readers to our teen testers, high school sophomores Noelle and Hannah.  These California girls, both 15 years old, have been friends since they were babies and they share a love of makeup, fashion, watching Netflix and Snapchatting with their friends. They went through hundreds of items for this list and these are their favorites.

Hannah likes English class, but isn’t too fond of engineering.  She spent many years living in Japan.  She likes listening to Twenty One Pilots, Lana Del Rey and Kanye West.  She loves all things horror, and is a fan of American Horror Story, Dexter, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  Hannah wants to merge her love of fashion and horror films into a possible career.

Noelle loves playing softball. When she is not doing her homework or wowing on the field, she loves hanging out with her friends.  She enjoys English and History, but doesn’t like math as much.  She likes to listen to Jon Bellion, and watch the Gilmore Girls or The Flash. Noelle takes photos and likes arty and musical things.

And alas no, the Nintendo Mini or the Xbox One are not on this list, though many teen girls want them too. Most of these items are unsung heroes in the gifting world, and many teens will love them.

Please enjoy this gift guide for teens.

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