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Learning how to convince someone of something is an important skill for anyone to learn, and when this skill can be developed by playing a hilarious game, even better. Sway: A Game of Debate & Silver Linings encourages positive and creative thinking, as well as improves debate skills. Sway can be purchased at here and is good for older teens and adults.

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

Scientifics Direct is a great place for parents to find STEM related gifts for their teens.  What can be cooler than building your own robot? The 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit allows teens to construct 14 different solar robots using re-using the same parts and being powered just by direct sunlight-- no batteries required. This gift idea reminded me of the Disney Pixar film “Wall-e,” and while the teen girls liked it, one of the girl’s brothers took control of it and fell in love with this creative toy. In fact, they played with it together.  A dream for many parents.  The robot may be purchased here.

Watch Ya Mouth!


Expect to be laughing hysterically the entire time with the party game Watch Ya Mouth!   This game comes with washable Dental Mouth Retractors in many sizes that players put in and they have to read a card without the other players being about to read their lips.  Everyone looks ridiculous and it is fabulous fun for all (there are also adult only versions available)  and will add some more laughs to the holiday season. Buy your game here.

Amira's Love Oracle Cards


Many teens love to talk about relationships, and some like to try their hands with some help from a mystic. Amira’s Love Oracle Cards are easy to read and come with a booklet that helps them try their hand at reading their future.  There is also a YouTube channel from creator Amira that offers free courses to deciphering the meanings within the cards. These cards were a big hit at a recent slumber party. Hannah added: “Love tarot cards were entertaining.” These cards may be purchased here.



Games about movies and TV are popular gift ideas, but what about a game where you make up the movie? Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies asks players to come up with funny movie titles based on a ridiculous premise.  An example is “What would you call an action film about a mutant sandwich?  "Beauty and the Beef"? "The Hungry Games.” This game encourages creativity, and sometimes well-intended naughtiness.  Teens love it.  Find Shmovie here.

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