Jennifer Lopez and Drake cuddle up to one another in Instagram pic

The big question regarding Jennifer Lopez and Drake these days is are they or aren't they a couple?

The stars have been working on a project together recently but it's what's been going on between the two of them outside the recording studio that has people talking.

Although neither Drizzy or JLo have confirmed anything, they seem to be teasing everyone with Instagram shots in which they appear to be very close and the latest one could definitely lead you to believe that something is going on. In the newest photo they each posted to their social media accounts, Lopez is cuddled up to and resting in Drake's arms as the rapper is holding her close. The photos were not captioned.

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

So while this looks like clear evidence that something is going on, we need to pump the brakes on this dating talk because the joke could be on us. Drake and Lopez could be doing this for publicity to generate some more buzz around their upcoming collaboration. If they really were dating wouldn't they just announce it or show up on a red carpet together instead of posting cryptic, yet obvious, pics on Instagram?

So read into the post what you will but until we get confirmation from the artists themselves, we are going to assume that they are just having a little fun with their fans and want to keep everyone guessing.

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