‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ Blu-ray movie review

On Dec. 13, 20th Century Fox released the thrilling new spooky fantasy, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Though it changes some major points from the book series, the film still manages to be creepy, fantastical and exhilarating – a true success for Tim Burton.

Jake grew up on his grandfather’s “fairy tales,” but never truly believed them until the man dies a horrible and suspicious death. Trying to make sense of his feelings, he travels to where his grandfather grew up and finds a time loop hiding a home of children with supernatural powers. While falling in love with a female resident, he learns of the dangers they face from the hollowgasts – humanoid, tentacle-mouthed creatures who may have also killed his grandfather. Can Jake save his new friends and his family from the hollows’ evil plans?

This film makes use of a multitude of special effects, from stop action to computer animation, and it all comes together for an amazing display. The story has been changed a bit from the novel, but it moves smoothly through the film and retains enough of the original book to be recognizable. Like the novel, the story is dark and a bit disturbing as only Tim Burton could portray it, but with that darkness comes beauty.

This film may be frightening for children and younger teens, but if you’re a family who loves the paranormal, this is a remarkable tale. Tim Burton movies are always quirky but rarely disappoint. This one is one of his finest.

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