Must Watch Music Videos – Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Circle of Dust

Welcome to this week's snowy edition of Must Watch Music Videos. Mother Nature just gave us the memo that it is officially the winter season. This means a few things depending on who and where you are. Maybe you are still in school and cannot wait to hear the announcement excusing you from attending on a snow day. Maybe your children are in school (and if you’re honest with yourself, sometimes you aren’t rooting as hard for that snow day as you tell the kids you are). Or, perhaps you live in an area where December means 70 degrees and sunny and you are now suffering from annual snow day envy.

No matter which of the above describes you, we have you covered. Our weekly Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos are sure to keep you distracted, whatever your weather-related woes.

This week we have a moving piece from Lady Gaga, a dramatic work from Kings of Leon and an engagingly twisted video from Circle of Dust, among others. So come with us and kick those cold snow blues with these must watch videos.

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