OwlCrate November Wonderland subscription unboxing review

OwlCrate, as you may know by now, is a YA book subscription service that mails out a monthly box with a new release YA novel and several goodies surrounding a theme. The theme changes with each shipment and extra items in the past have included jewelry, beanies, candles, notebooks and pens, other books and bath supplies. I was thrilled to receive their November Wonderland theme box and it definitely lived up to my high expectations.

This month’s items were shipped in their usual brown logo box. It’s printed on both the inside and outside with cute pictures and sayings. I’m always excited to see it in my mailbox.

Inside the package, everything was tucked in tight and padded with shredded cardboard. This month’s theme card was right on top with all the included items listed on the back. Some people dive straight into the gifts, but I like to read through the list first to make sure I don’t miss anything. Which method do you use?

The first items in the box were a magnet, a tin of tea, a bookmark and a button pin. The magnet was an illustration and quote from the original Alice stories. The colors and design are beautiful and it got a place of honor on my fridge. The tea was a decaf Ceylon blend with several fruits and spices. It came in high quality mesh teabags and was refreshing and delicious.

The bookmark was made by Authored Adornments and is a metal paperclip style with an Alice in Wonderland quote inside the glass topper. It seems sturdy and I love the line they chose. The button pin matches the theme card and is a collectible that’s included in every OwlCrate box. They always choose the coolest artwork for these. I’ve been switching out the different ones I receive on my laptop bag.

Below the smaller items was a paperback novel and a matching bookmark. The book is a copy of the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with a cover designed by Risa Rodil that was published by Rock Paper Books. The bookmark matches the cover. I already own a hardback copy of Alice with the original illustrations, so I gifted this copy to my cousin’s young daughter. Always happy to pass along the love of reading and Alice in particular.

This month’s book was a limited edition copy of Heartless by Marissa Meyer. This cover design was only available from OwlCrate and it’s beautiful. The novel is an imagined origin story of the Queen of Hearts. I read the story and it was amazing. You know it’s not going to have a happy ending, but the plot is intriguing and keeps you reading. I’ll be reviewing it here later this week. It also came with a printed letter from the author and a small art print with a quote from the book.

OwlCrate has amazing items every month and I think they really outdid themselves this time around. It’s rare that I’m disappointed with a box. They’re definitely worth the money you spend. If you’d like to sign up for OwlCrate for $29.99 plus shipping, click here. The January theme is Classic Remix. They’ll be including items from favorite classic children’s stories, the Phantom of the Opera and a dark romance novel.

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