Purple Lotus Prints subscription unboxing review with coupon code

Purple Lotus Prints is a unique book subscription service that caters to women who use daily planners. They ship out a Young Adult fantasy novel as well as book-themed goodies and a monthly planner pack full of stickers to cover a variety of datebook needs. I tried out their November box and loved what I found in it. Have a peek inside with me and get your own coupon code for 15 percent off.

The shipment was mailed in a plain black box. Inside, everything was packed in blood red cardboard shreds with a QR code for their Spotify playlist sitting prominently on top. The items all arrived safely and the playlist was full of eight songs that fit in with the month’s theme, Speakeasy. I love to listen to music while I read, so having a playlist based on the book was a plus.

Under the first layer of cardboard padding were a coloring page, some stickers and magnetic bookmarks. The bookmarks have characters and settings directly from this month’s book, which we’ll get to in a moment. I thought that was a great touch.

The coloring page is a jazz club performer from the 1920s. While it doesn’t add a lot of value to the box, it will be fun to play with.

There were three sheets of stickers. Two of them featured women reading and the other had anthropomorphic books. They can all be used to mark the days you’ve read that month in your planner. This is handy for heavy readers like myself who want to keep track.

The next goodies in the box were a bracelet, a bar of soap and a bath fizzy. The bracelet is made of metal and leather. It promotes love, music and forever friendship. It even adds a touch of darkness with a skull on the bottom of the G Clef. This ties into the paranormal music aspect of this month’s story.

The bar of soap is made with black tea and it has a faint, but pleasant scent. I have a couple bars of soap ahead of it for my showers so I haven’t used it yet, but the surface of it is creamy smooth and it looks like a high quality item.

The bath bomb was bright red with a stronger scent than the soap. When I used it, it was crumbly, but it dissolved quickly and even gave me a few bubbles with the oil. I enjoyed how it left my skin soft and scented.

Last in the package were this month’s book and a planner pack based on the story. The novel this time was Iron Cast by Destiny Soria, a paranormal story set in the Jazz Age, hence this month’s theme. It’s about sisters with magical blood that activates through music. It sounds intriguing and I can’t wait to read it.

The planner stickers included everything from day stickers, to-do lists, small strips or whole squares. There are fitness stickers, travel stickers and pictures based solely on the Speakeasy theme. It’s a really neat idea and they fit a variety of planner brands.

This box was full of cool stuff. Even though their price point comes in higher than a lot of other YA book subscriptions, their items definitely add up to more than what you’ll pay each month making them worth the extra money. They’re also one of a kind with their planner and fantasy focus.

If you’re interested in signing up for Purple Lotus Prints, click here to learn more. They’re also offering a 15 percent off coupon to our readers. Just type in CELEBRITYCAFE15 at checkout for your discount.

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