Rebecca Mail December Most Wonderful Time subscription unboxing review

Rebecca Mail is a sensational monthly subscription box that ships out a variety of high quality lifestyle/household goodies. In the past they’ve included bath and beauty supplies, pillow cases, mugs, tumblers, stationery, snacks and wearables. I received December’s “Most Wonderful Time” box full of holiday fun. Here’s what was inside.

This month’s items were shipped in a pretty silver box with logoed Christmas trimmings. Pulling it from the mailbox was great for increasing my holiday spirit.

Inside the box was a gorgeous red patterned tissue paper with shredded cardboard beneath to keep everything whole. Nothing arrived broken, so they did their job.

After opening the tissue paper, I found several items below. The first was a set of marble coasters – heavy and beautiful. They are a shimmery white with gold paint around the edges and are sure to last for many years. I love them.

Next were a tote bag and a bracelet. The tote has a classic picture from an old winter travel brochure. It’s cute and will be great for carrying books or groceries. The bracelet is a simple silver tone bangle printed with the word “Dream.” It’s pretty, but too small for my wrist so I gave it to my fashion loving niece for Christmas.

After the previous items were a desk calendar and a set of magnets. The calendar is a series of cards with prickly cactus drawings that sit in the seam of a branch cutting. I’m not one for traditional wall calendars, but these cards will help me keep track of the day with a quick glance. They’re cute too.

The magnets are colored glass with a strong magnetic back. They’ll hold the stubbornest papers on my fridge. Much more useful than the thin ones you normally get in subscription boxes.

Last in the package were an assortment of candy, some beauty samples and a blank holiday card. The sweets included were three peppermint meltaways and a gourmet chocolate bar. I expected the bar to be chewy, but it was solid dark chocolate with dried cranberries and nuts. I’m a huge dark chocolate fan and I devoured every delicious bite. I passed the peppermints on to my fiancé to prove I could share. He really liked them.

The beauty sample pack was full of facial cleansers and serums. I haven’t tried them yet, but Rebecca always includes high quality items, so I’m sure they’ll do nice things for my skin. The Christmas card had a pretty snow globe picture on the front. My grandmother insisted that no one get her any gifts this year, but we passed her this card with a handwritten sentiment inside to let her know we were thinking of her.

Rebecca always packs her boxes to the brim with items worth at least the $35 price of the package. Shipping is an additional $6, but judging by how much she throws in, I’m sure it costs her much more than that to send them. If you’re looking for a lifestyle box that won’t disappoint, Rebecca Mail is the way to go. Just click here to sign up.

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