Review of MIRAS debut single 'Something I Don’t Know'

On Oct. 7, Swedish born and raised singer-songwriter MIRAS released her debut single “Something I Don’t Know.” This pop tune is clearly made for dancing.


MIRAS released her debut single on Oct. 7. Entitled “Something I Don’t Know,” it is a catchy pop-dance track. The Swedish singer-songwriter behind this tune relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue a career in music. She initially began writing songs as a way to cope with stress and anxiety resulting from being quite ill at a young age. Now 22 years old, it would seem the artist is strong and off to a running start.



Though not wildly original, “Something I Don’t Know” does veer away from dime-a-dozen sounds. MIRAS seems to carry a unique flair, which will hopefully increase as her artistry develops. This single features her slightly smoky voice. Though pop infused and accessible, her vocals also maintain a moderately sultry or weighted sense. This bent adds extra flavor and depth to the track.

The chorus in this song is very danceable, while the verses are interesting and will likely inspire people to sing along. Radio and club-ready, this track seems to indicate that MIRAS is off to a solid start in L.A. Audiences are likely to be pleased with this debut and look forward to future work from the singer.


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