Review of new Mondo Cozmo single entitled “Higher”

 “Higher” is the latest in a string of well-received tracks from Los Angeles-based artist Mondo Cozmo.

On Dec. 16, Mondo Cozmo released his new single “Higher.” This is the latest in a string of well-received tracks from the Los Angeles-based artist, including “Shine.” The man behind the music is Joshua Ostrander, who audiences may have seen in the past singing with Eastern Conference Champions. Ostrander has already gained a reputation for being a do-what-I-want individual, intent on blazing his own trail. Thus far, his music seems to back that persona with positive results.

Higher” opens with a simple rhythm backed by reverberating tones. Based strictly upon the intro, listeners expect a Kings of Leon-style rock track to follow. However, when Ostrander’s voice enters, all of that changes. With real and un-lacquered texture to the vocals, audiences are instantly drawn in.

As this song continues, added electronic elements diversify the sound – making it tough to pin down a genre here. “Higher” walks the line between catchy and overly poppy. Ostrander is able to maintain the grit to this tune while making it accessible.

Though thoroughly modern in many ways, this track would also have felt right at home in a set with the Talking Heads at CBGBs circa 1975. With another successful single under his belt, it would seem that Mondo Cozmo is off and running.


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