'Scream Queens' recap: 'Drain the Swamp'

As Chanel Oberlin is the target of one Green Meanie, Chanel #3 comes face to face with the other Green Meanie, her paramour, Dr. Cascade on Scream Queens.

However, Dr. Cascade can't kill #3, like his mother has ordered, so he's out, he says.

“If you're not part of the solution, you are just another problem,” Nurse Hoffel threatens Dr. Cascade.

Meanwhile, main Chanel still wants another go with Dr. Holt, even though he did try to strangle her. Chanel thinks it's a form of communication, rather than suppressing his feelings.

After patching things up with Chanel, Dr. Holt runs into Hester, who has a grand scheme to take Munsch's fortune after she dies. By marrying Munsch, Hester suggests, Dr. Holt can be the next of kin, once she kicks the bucket. And then, they could run away together!


Outside the hospital, Nurse Hoffel finds Chanel #8 (seriously, why is she still alive?!), who gives her a deadly solution to end the Chanels with the toxic fertilizer, nurtured by the chemicals in the swamp.

Chanel, however, relays to the other Chanels that Dr. Holt could be proposing to her, as she found on his browser history that he had looked up cheap engagement rings.

As the Chanels skip along the hallway to meet with Munsch, they have wedding fever, but when Dr. Holt kneels down, it's not who Chanel expects that receives the ring.

Dr. Holt tries to calm Chanel down by telling her they're still a couple. They could take social media selfies with different filters, and once Munsch dies, she might just have that ring.

For now, Chanel will have to see Dr. Holt wedded to Munsch.

Following the “I Do's,” Munsch and Dr. Holt have some quality time before Chanel #5 interrupts them to give Munsch some good news. She might not be dying, if she has a brain surgery to uncover her real diagnosis, but is Munsch game to go under the knife and risk the few weeks she has left with her new husband?

A frantic Hester pushes Dr. Holt to botch the surgery, but the doctor's reputation is on the line. Hester tells Dr. Holt that she refuses to go back to prison, where she has to draw her own porn for masturbation. And judging from Holt's expression, he didn't want to know that.

Yet, Hester isn't the only one with a desire to kill Munsch. Chanel has some piping hot Pumpkin Spiced Latte up her sleeve (no, really), that she's prepared to throw at Munsch's open brain. It backfires, though, when Chanel throws it at Nurse Hoffel instead.

As for Munsch, Chanel #5 delivers the good news that Munsch only has—drum roll please—dehydration, from drinking incessantly.

The gang is summoned to the basement for some celebration only to fall in Nurse Hoffel's trap. And when Zayday and Dr. Cascade's mom try to come to their rescue, the nurse is ready to kill, so who makes it out alive in this finale of Scream Queens?


Thoughts to ponder for the finale:

-We're totally laughing at Denise's zinger about Hillary Clinton. Are you glad Denise has returned?

-Which death were you most surprised about?

-With the Red Devil back, do you think the next season will revert back to a sorority theme or a new theme altogether? Or, is this merely just coming full circle?

-Are you satisfied with the finale?

Stay tuned to see if Scream Queens is renewed for a third season on Fox.

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