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'Scream Queens' recap: 'Lovin the D'

A mannequin dressed as a Kappa sister with knives sticking out of it set the Chanel squad off on Scream Queens.

Lying next to it is a green swamp goo intertwining the whole hospital bed.

As usual, Chanel #5 is designated to be left behind because of her lack of athleticism to outrun the Green Meanie.

Main Chanel suggests splitting up, as she still thinks there's only one killer on the loose.

“Last one to the Starbucks down the street buys lattes,” Chanel #3 suggests.

“The last one to the Starbucks down the street is dead!” #5 points out.

The Chanels split up and run in different directions around the hospital kiosk in a ridiculous manner. Just when #3 is about to get chopped up by the Green Meanie, another Green Meanie pushes the killer away. The earmuff-wearing Chanel winks at the Green Meanie, who presumably is Dr. Cascade.

The three Green Meanies unmask themselves to argue because all of the Chanels got away until Hester interrupts them.

The Chanels convene to watch their favorite show, Lovin the D, in which Dr. Scarlett Lovin (Brooke Shields) is their idol.

Munsch interrupts the Chanels to introduce them to an editor from a medical journal, but when the editor wants to look into the credentials of the former Kappa sisters, how is Munsch going to get out of this one?

Munsch demands that the girls take the MCAT, much to their dismay. That's going to be pretty hard, considering they had never heard of the test before.

However, there's a surprise bonus as Dr. Lovin stops by the C.U.R.E Institute. Impressed by the parasitic twin surgery, Dr. Lovin wants the girls and Dr. Holt to perform another surgery but for her live show.

Dr. Holt lets it out of the bag that the girls aren't real medical students, causing Dr. Lovin to hesitate from featuring them.

Then, Chanel pipes in that she will take the MCAT along with #3 and #5 to appease her idol.

Meanwhile, the inaugural Green Meanie Summit has started with Hester overseeing past and future kills. Along with Dr. Cascade, Wes and Nurse Hoffel sit in to divvy up the kills.

The biggest disagreement the Green Meanies have is with Chanel. Who's going to kill the Queen Bee?

Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Holt attempts to help Chanel study for the MCAT. When Chanel bypasses the doctor's advice, Dr. Holt unconsciously tries to kill her with his hands.

A teary Chanel runs into another room, where Nurse Hoffel so happens to be filling a tub with peanut oil. The head nurse uncharacteristically gets Chanel to stay, even though main Chanel wants to leave the hospital for good.

When Chanel questions the peanut oil around her, Nurse Hoffel tries to play it off as a new therapy for skin. Chanel, on the other hand, has bad memories of frying peanut oil, from first season when she killed off Nurse Hoffel's sister, the maid.

In another hospital room, Dr. Holt finds Hester sitting beside a fresh dead corpse. (Don't ask.) The doctor asks Hester her reasoning behind why he still wants to kill Chanel. Hester gives the doctor three theories, and in an unlikely scenario, she's enabling Dr. Holt's will to kill.

Dr. Holt should blend in perfectly, as more victims die at the hands of the Green Meanies, but in an ironic twist, one Green Meanie jumps ship rather quickly.


Thoughts to ponder until the next episode:

-With Hester's new romance with Dr. Holt, do you think Chanel will certainly die by the finale?

-Now that Dr. Cascade has chosen his mom over Chanel #3, do you think he'll spare #3?

-Do you think saving Zayday is a priority for the Chanels?

-Are you surprised that the Green Meanie committed suicide? With one less killer, do you think Dr. Cascade will be an honorary member in the Green Meanie Summit?

-We're totally loving that the Chanels were offered a television show!

- Lastly, we would like to remember Alan Thicke who starred in the first season of Scream Queens.

Tune into Scream Queens every Tuesday at 9/8c on Fox.

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