Top 10 motivational tracks for your New Years resolutions

Good morning and welcome to 2017. Here are our Top 10 motivational tracks to keep you on top of those resolutions as you enter the next chapter of life.

Good morning and welcome to 2017. The year you’ve promised yourself will be the best one ever. The one in which you go to the gym regularly, learn a new language, practice your mindfulness and finally go skydiving. After you’ve shaken off the hangover that is. So, tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday.

Are you already talking yourself out of each New Year’s resolution? Or are you the person who sticks with it at first – but three months into the year you can’t remember when you stopped all these good habits? Well, we are here to help you. Let music pave the way through the haze and into a successful year.

Here we have our Top 10 motivational tracks to keep you pumped as you enter this next chapter of life. We included everything from the obligatory Journey, to Beyoncé, to Eminem – and everything in between. Get yourself started on the right and rockin’ foot in 2017 with this playlist!

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