Top 10 tweets about Mickey's return to 'Shameless'

In case you missed it Mickey Milkovich returned to Shameless last night and the Twitterverse freaked out.

Actor Noel Fisher reprised his role as Ian Gallagher's ex-boyfriend on the show and it may have been too much for Shameless fans to handle.

The last time we saw Milkovich was in season 6 when he had to serve time for the attempted murder of Sammy who was related to Gallagher. The things we do for love, am I right? During the saddest of jail visits, Ian crushed all of our dreams by breaking Mickey's heart stating that he would not wait for him to get out.

Fast forward and Milkovich somehow escaped from prison and devised a brilliant plan involving throw away phones and kidnappings for the two to be able to reunite. But what made fans most happy was the fact that Ian left Trevor, who he was dating, to get back with Mickey.

A week is far too long to wait and see where the next episode will take the couple. Even Fisher thinks so, which is why he left us with this wonderful photo of himself as beloved Milkovich.

For now, let's take a look at some Twitter reactions about Mickey's return.

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