Top celebrity tweets you need to see to believe

Twitter, a wonderful place where celebrities share their deepest thoughts.

What would we do without knowing their every waking moment? What they're eating, watching on TV, doing for the day. It doesn't matter what they tweet. Regardless, it gets hundreds and thousands of retweets.

But what exactly makes a celebrity tweet memorable and so great that their fans just have to retweet and like it.

Of course there are favorites in Twitterverse like Chrissy Teigen and Ryan Reynolds. They're both so strange, so random and so comically genius without trying that you almost feel as if you need to follow them.

Then there's celebs like Kim Kardashian who you hate to follow but you know you are going to miss a golden tweet at some point if you don't.

And then there's the random celebrities who normally you wouldn't have the urge to follow which is why we need to share this list of the top tweets you need to see to believe!

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