'The Accountant' starring Ben Affleck & Ann Kendrick Blu-ray movie review

On Jan. 10, Warner Bros. Pictures released a tension-filled thriller starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick. The Accountant is the story of the lows a person can choose to sink to for normalcy and, ultimately, possible redemption.

Christian Wolff is the alias of a math savant who has seated himself in the depths of organized crime as a freelance accountant. When he takes on a legitimate client to throw off the heat, he finds a discrepancy and conspiracy that leads to the top of the company. Suddenly he and the clerk who discovered the mistake are fighting for their lives. Can they survive against a gang of armed assassins? Can Christian make some personal connections and improve his life?

Affleck was mostly believable in his portrayal of Wolff. We feel for him with his abnormal upbringing and family issues. As the story moves on, his life changes some but if it’s permanent, it’s hard to tell. J.K. Simmons was great as Treasury Department Agent Ray King. His character had more depth than the leads making him truly human. As for Kendrick, this wasn’t her greatest movie, but she played her part in keeping the film moving.

Overall, I’d give this movie 3.5 stars for entertainment value. The story was fast paced, though a little predictable. It would make a great rental if you’re looking for an action flick with an anti-hero. It’s fun but felt a little flat.

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