Adam Rosante: Advice from fitness expert and bestselling author on staying fit and healthy

Fitness trainer, and all-around sweet guy Adam Rosante wants people to eat well, sweat often and enjoy life. He works hard to help people live strong, balanced and healthy lives.

Rosante discovered his love of fitness when he was 13 when he began weightlifting after he was inspired by Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg of the Calvin Klein ads.

While he originally planned to be an actor, but found his work in fitness to be his calling and used his positive personality to help get people moving.

He is highly-certified as a fitness trainer with a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association as well as a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Adam offers easy-to-follow life and fitness tips, and his workouts seem tough, but worth it.  He also makes them easy to access, with many of them available on YouTube or on the CosmoBody Channel. Rosante founded The People’s Bootcamp, a pay-what-you-can fitness brand in 2012.

In 2014 Target made him brand ambassador for their Champion line of workout gear C9, and has been on the cover of Self Magazine, in addition to a write up of his Bootcamp in the New York Times.

In March 2015 Random House released his book The 30 Second Body: Eat Clean, Train Dirty & Live Hard, a simple 6-week fitness, diet and lifestyle program that became an instant hit and can be purchased through his website or at Amazon.

Adam Rosante spoke with about his passion for fitness, offered tips on how to find the right workout routine for you, keep those healthy living New Year’s Resolutions and how Pure Protein helps you lead a healthier life.

Here is an example of a 60-second workout from Adam Rosante.

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