'Criminal Minds:' 'Top 10 moments from 'Profiling 202'

Criminal Minds returned this week with an episode focusing on prolific serial killer Tommy Yates. It turns out Yates, who Rossi put away years earlier, was one of the prison escapees. He is also the one who would call Rossi every year on his birthday to give him the name of one of his victims.

He calls Rossi and much to the agent’s surprise, his latest victim is alive before he kills her after the call. In the middle of investigating the killer, Rossi talks through the case with a class of new BAU agents, along with Emily and new agent, Stephen Walker.

It is clear Yates still has an effect on Rossi as he struggles to catch him and stop his new reign of terror.

This episode also had a bit of an absence with Spencer Reid, who left the team briefly to go be with his mother, whose health has not been great. Even though the episode did lack a large presence of the other characters, it did help close a chapter on an ongoing story for Rossi.

Next week is looking to be another interesting episode but for now, check out the key moments from “Profiling 202.”

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