How to declutter minds, bodies and homes for 2017 without pain

Declutter your MIND

Put down your electronics

Jessica Riches is the London-based author of Stop Scrolling, due out in 2018.  The book is based on the 10 Day Stop Scrolling challenge, and one of the key features is getting one email sent to your inbox every day for 10 days, featuring a 10 minute task for you to complete. I've signed up for the challenge.

Jessica tells us, "Our digital lives underpin everything we do - so it makes sense to start there when it comes to decluttering our lives. Simple acts like unsubscribing from newsletters, unfollowing and unfriending, combing through notifications and deleting unused apps can stop us feeling overwhelmed by the Internet and all it has to offer, and helps us start to see the benefits.

At the same time, it's important to think about why we spend so much time scrolling through content that doesn't serve us. Are we hiding from something, procrastinating, punishing ourselves? Sorting through the digital clutter of our lives gives us a clear mind - and more time - to focus on ordering our lives and reaching our goals."

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