How to declutter minds, bodies and homes for 2017 without pain

Make money while you clean

I know, posting on eBay or Craigslist or local boards is such a hassle! And with the time spent are you really making any money? thredUp Cleanout is the perfect solution. Simply order the $10 kit from them and send them your stuff. If they think they can sell it, they pay you right away! If not it goes on consignment so you get paid when the item(s) actually sell. Don't want to spend the money but want to donate anyway? Order a bag for charity and thredUp will handle it for you as well. No more wondering where your donated items are going.

Credit: thredUp

Oh, and clutter isn't an American thing. Like thredUp Vintage Cash Cow specialises in buying people's old clutter, for free in the UK. They offered this advice:

 "Our biggest tip for decluttering for the new year would be simply to make a start. A lot of people find decluttering overwhelming, it's easier to put off than to actually get down to it. Even if you just put aside 20 minutes a day you'll start to notice your efforts."

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