How to declutter minds, bodies and homes for 2017 without pain

What if it's not you?

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Like I said at the start, I have the bins, boxes, folders, labels and more that go with being ridiculously organized. I am still always behind having to pick up after everyone else. It's frustrating.

So I asked Thumbtack Home Organizer Pro Anna Bauer how to handle the problem. Her tips -

Tip 1: Living with others can be challenging, especially when you don’t see eye-to-eye on organization. One thing to keep in mind is to take a step back to see the big picture. Everyone creates a mess from time-to-time, however, someone else’s mess always looks worse than our own. Be aware if you can justify your mess, the other people in your home can justify theirs as well.  Judging someone on their actions (or lack thereof) but not your own will only lead to tension.

Tip 2: Don’t try and change someone’s habits, enhance them. If you live with someone who constantly drapes their clothes all over the place, leaving a trail to the bedroom, don’t force them to hang their clothes. Instead, buy hooks or bins to drape and store their clothes in an organized way that enables their habits but removes the mess.


I'm not 100% this will ever work, but I did give everyone in the house a basket where I dump the clutter they leave around the house in. When they ask where is? I say - In your basket.

The biggest thing I have learned over the years and through writing this story is not to expect perfection. It's exhausting for you and everyone around you. That said, I am now off to put arrows on the floor from the table to the dishwasher in hopes dirty cups can find their way in on their own. Wish me luck!

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