You definitely need Harry Potter-themed bubble bath in your life right now

Attention Harry Potter fans! We know you have so many Harry Potter products including that tenth pair of Harry Potter glasses you definitely do not need. But the time has come to clean out your shelves and make room for a Harry Potter bubble bath set.

TeaSoapBook, an Etsy shop made by artist Drea, based in Wisconsin, created the set of the 5 bubble bath "potions," as reported by PopSugar. Each potion has its own theme, which are Butterbeer, Amortentia, Pumpkin Juice, Elixir of Life and Polyjuice Potion.  So now you can go home and make these famous concoctions for yourself!

Want more info about the scent of each potion? Of course you do! Drea describes each bubble bath:

Butterbeer- A sweet blended fragrance of rum, vanilla, nutmeg and butter.

Amortentia- A beautiful fresh rose scent with crisp Lemon notes, Muguet and Geranium Leaves; followed by back notes of Blue Spruce and Musk; all enhanced by hints of cooling Mint.

Pumpkin Juice- A sweet and spicy blended fragrance of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and whipped cream.

Elixir of Life- A soothing white tea blended with light florals.

Polyjuice Potion- A beautiful, earthy blend of cucumber, oakmoss and a light base of green tea.

Are you convinced yet to go buy them? They are available as a set of five 8 oz. bottles for $48, five 2 oz. bottles for $15, or as individual 8 oz. bottles for $10.

Visit Drea's Etsy page for more details.

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