'The Disappointments Room' starring Kate Beckinsale DVD movie review

20th Century Fox released their new paranormal suspense film, The Disappointments Room, to home video on Dec. 20. While hosting some psychological thrills and chills the movie’s pacing seems a bit off, leaving audiences slightly disappointed.

Kate Beckinsale plays Dana, half of a couple that has moved to a rural Southern mansion from the big city. They plan on restoring the place and raising their son while easing their sorrow after a family tragedy. However, unlocking a hidden room in the attic leads to unexplained events that test Dana’s sanity and her family’s safety. Can they survive without any further catastrophe?

Based on a true story, the film has some scary scenes. However, it never seems to make up its mind whether Dana is crazy or not. Rather than feeling mysterious, it seems unsettled. Certain scenes feel like they could’ve been left out, like the local historian calling the house during a tense moment. They never build on it, leaving it seeming superfluous. Also, the movie moves along at a moderate pace until the ending jumps up out of nowhere. One minute they’re inviting friends over for dinner, the next minute three storylines are trying to hurriedly converge and failing at it.

Overall, the movie was spooky and it was mostly fun to watch. It’s worth seeing but maybe as a rental instead of a purchase. It’s not terrible, but it’s not one of Beckinsale’s best either. I would give it a solid 3.5 stars.

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