Interview with wellness expert Liz Josefsberg gives delicious, yet healthy recipes and tips

The New Year is almost behind us, but what has happened to all of those resolutions geared towards healthy living?  Well, many people forgo their goals before January comes to a close, but Liz Josefsberg a weight loss, wellness expert and working mom reminds us not to despair and to keep going.

New York-based Josefsberg has more than 15 years in the fitness and wellness industry. Having struggled with weight issues herself, she eventually made her bones about Weight Watchers and opened her own consulting firm as a wellness expert.

Liz Josefsberg took the time to speak with about setting reasonable goals, how to make affordable healthy snacks using Bolthouse Farms products to ease savory and sweet cravings an a few ideas on how to live a healthier life all year long.

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