Madison Beer claps back at haters who period shamed her

When you get your period in a classroom filled with your peers, you're embarrassed enough. Now imagine being Madison Beer, who was photographed after she experienced a period leak through her white bikini on the beach and social media haters freaked out.

The 17-year-old pop star had been photographed on holiday at a Miami beach with her boyfriend, Jack Gilinksy.

Internet trolls shamed Madison for her period stain appearing on the white bathing suit.

Furthermore, some commenters had said, "She wore white on purpose! She did this for attention!" From the "gross" stigma to the accusatory tone from critics, Beer was having none of that.

"This is so wild that this is a big deal to some people," the singer explained. "Girls get their periods. Girls sometimes bleed thru tampons because periods can be extremely unpredictable!! I am not a robot. I am female, I am human and I am proud."

The "Something Sweet" songstress even laughed, as she defended herself by calling out haters to "focus on bigger damn issues other than someone having a period stain."

One Twitter follower coming to Madison's defense stated, "My new years resolution is to be as fearless as madison beer wearing a white bikini on her period. legend."

Another individual noted, "Just cause madison beer is a public figure doesn't mean she is any different from other girls. period exists, and so do period stains."

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