Must Watch Music Videos – Yo Gotti, Cage the Elephant, Breaking Benjamin

This week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos covers the best new pieces from artists like Yo Gotti, Cage the Elephant and Breaking Bejamin, among others.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Whether you are out participating in today’s events or just excited to have the day off (or stuck working – in which case we’re so sorry), we hope you take some time to celebrate with great music.

The music industry that has long stood hand in hand with civil rights, equality and strong sociopolitical statements. Looking at today’s Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos, there is a wide array of background, culture and history being represented. From Yo Gotti to Cage the Elephant to Breaking Benjamin, there is a spot on here of great artists from any genre.

As you move through this Monday, we hope you take some time to think on the occasion along with some great tunes. As always, we are here to help you with that second part. Enjoy this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos!

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