'NCIS: Los Angeles:' Top 10 moments from 'Under Siege'

NCIS: Los Angeles aired the second part of their three part plot in finally bringing the mole storyline to a close. We got to see just some of the things that unfolded in order to bring us closer to who is targeting the team. After Kensi is kidnapped by someone who works for the mole, Deeks is able to convince Whiting to let him go so he can be with his team and rescue his love.

Meanwhile, Hetty goes rogue in order to run her own investigation and we find out surprising information about people who originally had been aids for the team. With the entire team trying to figure out just what was going on, we began to get snippets of who else was involved.

However, it is not over yet. The third part to the drama is set to air in three weeks so we will have to wait for the conclusion to the mole storyline. Until we know more, including how Kensi will be rescued, check out the top ten moments from “Under Siege.”

Note: This was the first episode to air since the passing of Miguel Ferrer, who played Assistant Director Owen Granger. Granger does have a brief appearance in the episode but we do not know his character’s fate as of yet.

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