Netflix planning reboot of 'The Magic School Bus'

Netflix is adding another reboot to its nostalgia arsenal.

More than 20 years after it originally premiered in 1994, The Magic School Bus is set to return to television (and computer) screens. According to Good Housekeeping, the reboot was originally announced in 2014 with plans for it to premiere in 2016. The new series will be computer animated and feature a new high-tech school bus with souped up gadgets to reflect the modern technology of today.

The New York Daily News also reports that the show will have a focus on STEM education and feature numerous celebrity cameos. However, no specific names have been announced as of yet.

"There are tons of cameos planned. I know that there are big stars who want to be involved in this," Magic School Bus producer Stu Stone told TMZ.  "And there's a whole generation of people who grew up on this series that want to be a part of it now that it's back."

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