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Review for IVANNA album 'Leaving Town'

Hailing from Malmoe, Sweden, IVANNA is a band that has gone through many incarnations before settling on their iconic indie rock/pop sound.  Since 2001, they have been known as Dolly Daggers and/or The Modern Love brandishing an indie rock image with influences from the '80s pop rock scene.  They have traded in their '80s perchance for glam rock and have since evolved for a more experimental acoustic sound.

Consisting of Ludvig Sersam (vocals, guitar), Jonatan Sersam (piano, harmonicas, keyboard), Valdemar Sersam (drums), Johan Dahlbom (bass) and Simon Sofelde (guitars), the '80s retrospective sensibilities continue to be an influence on the band.  IVANNA’S brand new full-length album release of Leaving Town contains steadfast reminisces from that indispensable era and an inquisitive introspective perspective on rock.

The first track on IVANNA’S Leaving Town release follows a rock sensibility that stresses a controlled reverb quality.  With its epic nuances, the very first anthem is an exciting and exhilarating song with an underlining urgency running beneath its gamut.  The lyrics are disparaging and you can feel the pain that is evident from the get-go in the vocals.  Yet at the same time, there is an unrelenting fire to the lyrics with a strong sense of poetry in the songwriting.

The second track, “Fight Fire With Fire,” contains an innate rock appeal.  Spiraling off its guitar effects, the strumming offers some stunning sensibilities.  The vocal harmonic layering touches off a moody melody with a liberating and soaring feel.  The fierce music has some fiery and passionate vocals backing it up.  The powerful lilting carries through as eventually the harmonica joins in and stirs the track toward a more bluesy and soulful journey.  The experience is overall riveting and very enjoyable.  The great tunes beckon you forward as you celebrate its stormy and dramatic impact.

“My Love” is a searing song filled with ardent strumming from the acoustic guitar.  The jagged and gritty music being played is strangely fulfilling.  The somewhat soothing soft piano melody placates the listener as the dynamite and dynamic harmonies erupting forth lends a hand in creating some enthused rock ‘n’ roll.

“Tuesday” has some great tunes added to its overall pop quality.  There is an interesting beat to the overarching upbeat cadences.  The welcoming grainy, oldies feel has a touch of the classic vibe.  The touching, soaring, haunting and catchy melodies has an overall dreamy forecast.

The last track to the album is “The City.”  Filled with an atmospheric, moody and jolting sound, the keyboards are equally hypnotizing as they erupt from a dreamy and lush sustained soundscape.

Listeners will come from Leaving Town shaking from the experience.  Each track from this irresistible album will brand audiences with its potent message and promising potential.  This is a band on the brick of something great.  As you listen on, there is definitely something that burns infinitely within these songs as IVANNA is a group of musicians on the verge of something.

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