‘Shadowhunters’ season 2 premiere recap episode 201: ‘This Guilty Blood’

When last season of Shadowhunters ended, Jocelyn had awakened and Jace, now supposedly Clary’s brother, had seemingly sided with Valentine. What awaits us on the season two premiere?

Clary portals into the ship to try to call Jace back. When she’s attacked by one of Valentine’s men, Jace fights him and steals his sword. Valentine appears and they duel. Jace wins, stabbing his father.  He then runs away with Clary only to be attacked by Valentine again. How is that possible?

Jace stabs him again and they fall over a balcony. Jace is fine, his father dead. Suddenly, the glamour wears off and reveals that it’s not Valentine, but one of his cronies. Where is the real Valentine?

Jace asks where the portal is and Clary removes a glamour. She’s the real Valentine. Clary was never there. Valentine drugs Jace and tells him his loyalty is lacking. Can he really torture his own son?

Izzy tries to reason out where Valentine’s ship could be while Alec tries to take authority from Lydia. She dismisses him. When Magnus tries to comfort him, he pulls away. Trouble in paradise already?

Clary and her mother discuss her choice to lie to her about her powers. Clary then tells her that Jonathan is alive. Luke confirms it.

Alec wants his help tracking Jace, but Magnus is afraid it will kill him. They argue.

Maryse introduces the new head of the institute, Victor Aldertree. She went behind Lydia’s back to appoint him. The institute is on lockdown. Clary is worried no one is looking for Jace, but Izzy assures her Valentine can’t break him.

Jace screams as he’s beaten. Will his friends find him in time? Valentine calls his men off and tells him to get dressed so they can talk.

Aldertree questions Clary. She tries in vain to convince him that Jace is on their side. Aldertree assures her he’ll find Jace.

Jace asks Valentine why he pretended to be Michael Wayland only to leave him an orphan. Valentine claims he was protecting him and making him strong. Jace says the Lightwoods trained him and gave him strength.

Jace asks why Valentine never told him he had a mother. He shows Jace a vision of injecting Jocelyn’s pregnant stomach with demon blood and tells him his mother deserted him. Jace is appalled.

Magnus is upset that Alec uses him to suit his own needs. An alarm sounds and Magnus leaves the institute as Alec goes to investigate. In the control room, an alert has gone up to find Jace, dead or alive.

Luke offers Aldertree his help as a cop, but Aldertree refuses it. He kicks Simon out just before dawn and insists that Jace is a traitor. The Lightwood teens and Clary aren’t allowed to be part of the team to find him. Clary and Jocelyn are confined to the institute. This, of course, does not sit well.

Luke lets Simon stay at the werewolves’ restaurant, but the wolves force him into a boathouse out back when Luke leaves.

Valentine tells Jace that Downworlders will eventually give in to their demonic natures. Jace threatens to jump overboard, but Valentine shows him that the air around the boat is spelled to kill those who try to cross through it. Is escape impossible?

Maryse stops Alec as he’s leaving the institute and says taking in Valentine’s son was a mistake. Alec needs to forget him. Alec reminds her that their tie will kill part of him if Jace dies. Maryse compares Jace to a cancer that needs removed. Alec tells her off and leaves.

Aldertree shows up at Luke’s restaurant. He removes a glamour to reveal that he’s Clary in disguise. She and Izzy came up with the plan to get her out of the institute. Luke points her towards Simon’s hideout.

Jocelyn shows up at the boathouse. Luke called her about Clary. Clary’s tracking rune on Jace’s glove isn’t working. Jocelyn offers to show her a trick. She takes Clary’s phone and stele and then locks her in the boathouse with Simon. Hasn’t she learned that Clary is stronger than she thought?

Alec apologizes at Magnus’s flat. Magnus forgives him and reminds him to lean on him when times get tough, not push him away.

Simon tries to break the door down, but it’s solid. His phone doesn’t have any bars. Just as Simon starts to tell her how he feels, the door suddenly falls off. Clary’s in a hurry to escape so Simon is cut off.

Alec feels Jace come out of a portal on a city street. Maryse and Jocelyn track him down at the same time. Who will find him first?

Valentine drags Jace to a vampire den and tells him demon blood will always make him kill. It starts with urges, like his love for Clary. Jace hears a scream and runs into the den to help. He can’t really be evil, can he?

The den is run down inside. Jace finds vampires feeding on humans out back and stakes them, rescuing their lunch. Jace makes a run for it too.

Alec and Izzy make an offer to Aldertree to bring Jace back alive, but he has them held in custody instead. Maryse does nothing to stop him, but Lydia promises she’ll do her best to help Jace.

Jace stakes the vampires one by one as they race after him. He saves the queen for last. She attacks him and they bust through a window. She surrenders to the authority of the Clave so Jace can’t stake her. Jace accuses her of killing her husband, Valentine told him it was true, and she attacks causing the stake to go through her heart. Jace is disturbed that he broke the Accords, but Valentine is thrilled.

Jocelyn aims a crossbow at Jace. She shoots and Valentine leaps in front of him to take the arrow through his shoulder. He convinces Jace that his friends want him dead. While Clary and Simon try to stop Jocelyn, Jace pulls Valentine through the portal. We’ll find out next week if Jocelyn has finally convinced Jace to turn against his friends.

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