SoBakeable unboxing product review

Winter is here and we all want a little comfort. Baking fills our bellies with a little bit of love and our homes with a little bit of warmth. With that in mind, I agreed to review a sample from SoBakeable.

SoBakeable is a dessert baking box. They ship out everything you need to bake two desserts minus the wet ingredients and bakeware. That’s everything from mixes to fancy decorations to parchment paper and piping bags. You can either pick a single new box to be shipped to you at your leisure or use them as a subscription service by signing up for their three or six month prepay plans. I tried out a single box from their December shipment. Here’s what was inside.

SoBakeable inside box

Everything was mailed in the attractive red logoed box you see at the top of this review. Inside, everything was packaged in individual plastic bags wrapped in paper and lined with additional shredded paper. Nothing arrived open or damaged, so I’d say they did a good job of protecting everything. At the top was a handwritten note for me and that circular pattern you see in plastic at the top right is a little decorative banner. Very cute.

SoBakeable cookie mix

The first recipe in the box was for Fancy Thumbprint Cookies. These were chocolate cookies with chocolate filling, gold sugar sprinkles, freeze-dried raspberries and gold chocolate nuggets. There were separate bags for the cookie mix, the chocolate mix, the sugar, each of the toppings and the parchment paper. Everything was explicitly labeled and each food bag had its ingredients listed on the back. The recipe made two dozen cookies.

SoBakeable cupcake mix

The second recipe in the package was for non-alcoholic Champagne Cupcakes. Included were cupcake mix, frosting mix, sugar, two different champagne flavorings, assorted fancy bubble sprinkles, gold sugar sprinkles, cupcake liners and a piping bag. Again, everything is clearly labeled and there’s enough to make 10 cupcakes.

Both recipes included a separate card with step-by-step instructions. The card for the cupcakes included a photo that is supposed to be compatible with their app. Simply click a picture of the photo and an image reader is supposed to take you to a video with instructions for adding the frosting.

Unfortunately, the reader didn’t work. I tried several times in various amounts of lighting, but it refused to go. Sadly, there’s no other way to get to the video. They don’t have it listed anywhere to click on. I was disappointed and I hope they make this part of the app more usable in the future. The app did also have instructions for making the goodies, as well as access to their blog. Those worked perfectly fine.

Anyway, I had time to bake one of the treats before writing my review. I let my fiancé pick his favorite of the two and he chose the chocolate cookies. Not a big surprise since he’s not a huge champagne fan.

SoBakeable cookies

The instructions for mixing and baking the cookies were well written. Everything was broken down in a sensible way so there was no confusion. We baked the cookies, let them cool, then added the icing and the decorations. They came out beautifully. Very chocolatey and pretty. Mike was very pleased and the 24 cookies were gone within two days.

I haven’t had a chance to get to the cupcakes yet, but I hope to later this week. The pictures on the recipe card make them look delicious. I love champagne, so I think these are going to be my favorite of the recipes included.

If you purchase a single SoBakeable box, they cost $29.99 plus around $7.00 shipping. It’s a little steep for two desserts, but the convenience may make it worth it for you. All the ingredients are measured out and ready to go, you don’t have to search for new recipes every month, and the treats are always fancy and gourmet while still being easy to make. With the three and six month prepays, shipping is included and they take a bit off the cost of the box as well.

Are you ready to try SoBakeable out for yourself or maybe give a gift to a friend who loves to get creative in the kitchen? Click here for all the information you need.

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