'The Story of God' with Morgan Freeman TV DVD set review

20th Century Fox released National Geographic’s documentary series, The Story of God, on Jan. 10. The show strives to pull people together through the exploration of God between religions and Freeman is an excellent neutral party to do just that.

The Story of God explores the similarities and differences of a variety of mainstream religions, focusing on a different facet of the whole for each episode. For example, episode one covers views of the afterlife while other episodes cover views of God him (or her) self and why evil exists in our world. The show even manages to work in scientific inquiries into things like God and immortality.

Morgan Freeman keeps an open mind as he travels the world in search of answers. No one religion is more important than another. No single religion is hailed as the truth. It’s an incredibly interesting show for those of us who are spiritual seekers or those who believe there’s a grain of truth in every religion. Those who aren’t open to learning about the spiritual lives of others should look elsewhere as it’s liable to rile them.

I love how even handed this show was with so many beliefs, though there are too many religions worldwide to touch on everything. It’s really about the similarities in people who worship in many ways. If you’re searching for something beyond yourself or want a look inside of other religions, pick up this set and be sure to watch season 2 on National Geographic now.

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