Susan Sarandon's daughter talks about nurse dropping her son and cracking his skull

Eva Amurri Martino, the daughter of actress Susan Sarandon, talked about the traumatic experience she and her son had shortly after his birth.

In a post for her blog Happily Eva After, the lifestyle blogger, who is also an actress in her own right, explained how in November, a night nurse fell asleep while holding her 3-month-old son Major James and accidentally dropped him. Major suffered a fractured skull and bleeding around his brain. He was transported to Yale Medical Center for emergency care and tests.

"To say these were the most traumatic and anxious two days of my life is an understatement," Martino wrote. " I have an (irrational) phobia of Hospitals. To be in one for two days under such circumstances was nearly unbearable for me, not to mention how scary and emotional those days were for the entirety of our family."

Fortunately, little Major was discharged from the hospital with no signs of brain damage and an excellent prognosis. Martino even shared a photo of him on Instagram a week ago.

Major Boy is #TwoMonthsOld!! ???? Our little chubby pup has officially "unfurled" in to the world! He loves smiling and cooing in the mornings, napping with his face squished in to Mamas chest (no matter how many times I unsquish it), sitting in his bouncy chair and watching Big Sister play, Christmas music (obvi), Boobs, sticking out his tongue, and pushing up to look over our shoulders while being held. He is a sweet mixture of snuggly and curious, and is so patient. He gulps his milk down extra fast, and if anybody needs a chin, Major has a few to spare! ???? We are so besotted with our sweet little man, especially Big Sister who has officially declared him her Best Friend. Our hearts are so full. Happy Two Months, my littlest love! ✨????????✨ #HappilyEvaAfter #MajorJames #Newborn #NewbornPhotography

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However, Martino explained that the event has left her shaken in the time that has followed.

"It’s nearly impossible for me to trust anyone but myself to take care of Major now. We definitely don’t have night time help anymore, but it has only been in the past week or so that I have felt comfortable with somebody coming during the day to help me with him so that I can complete normal tasks and work responsibilities," she said.

Martino ended her post by expressing her intention to take a break from blogging to focus on recovering from recently giving birth and the harrowing experience of both her son and husband having accidents (her husband landed in the ER after falling while cleaning the gutters).

"I believe that my challenges and struggles the past month have shown me the depths of my strength, and that handling my shortcomings gracefully will make me grow as a woman and as a Mom. I can only hope that this is true," she wrote.

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