The best way to get pizza in 2017 is by Slice

The industrial building in Chelsea, NYC that houses a relatively new business called Slice screams cool.  As soon as I entered the open space work environment where many smiling employees are on their laptops, I knew this event would be a little different than I was expecting.  I RSVP'd to a pizza tasting and party, but this was something more.

I was led into a beautiful office kitchen that had pizza of almost every variety, from at least ten different pizzerias. There was thin crust, pan, margherita, pepperoni, buffalo ranch chicken and more.  It was a pizza lovers dream.

But then, the team explained more about their new product and I was hooked and have been telling my friends about it for weeks.

Pizza lovers and those who endeavor to support small businesses have a reason to rejoice with the new Slice platform.

The innovative free platform, available via online or app on  iTunes, connects pizza connoisseurs with authentic local pizzerias and offers many convenient payment options including Apple Pay. So, now customers who like the convenience of ordering pizza via online or mobile can do so, without having to resort to going to a pizza chain.

Slice is nationwide and growing more every day. The platform is easy-to-use and reordering your favorite pizza is only a few taps away. Just add your location, preferred payment options and the Slice will help you find some delicious pizza near you.

Slice was founded by Ilir Sela in 2010.

While growing up to an immigrant family in Staten Island, New York, Sela’s parents owned a pizzeria so he had the experience to know what was working and what needed improvement. After he graduated with a degree in computer science, family and friends were turning to him to help get their menus online.

“That's when I had my "a-ha" moment. I saw an opportunity to create a app that would provide pizza lovers everywhere access to their favorite local pizzerias with the tap of a button,” said Sela. “In the beginning, it was just me placing the orders. Whenever an order came in, I would personally call the pizzeria and order for the customer. Today, Slice has 150 employees, a newly launched app (it was formerly MyPizza) and over 6,000 pizzerias available on the app nationwide.”

Something that makes Slice special is that it does not take too big of a cut from the margins of the independent pizzerias.  Instead of taking a substantial percentage of an order via the platform, they offer fair flat fee pricing $1.95 per order.

“Slice empowers independent pizzerias to grow their business and increase average order volume by expanding their customer reach online. Slice offers fair pricing and eliminates the high fees and demanding contracts that other food delivery services require while providing pizzeria owners with 24/7 support to ensure all orders are successfully processed,” added Sela.

Business owners can’t stop celebrating Slice.

Just ask Anthony Coku the owner of Billy's Pizza in Brooklyn, NY.

“They’re here to help local pizzerias grow and connect with their customers. They look out for us local guys and help us keep up with technology that can help us grow,” said Coku.

He went on to explain how Slice specifically helps his pizzeria.

“At Billy’s we’re always busy. From lunch to dinner, we have orders coming in that can range from one slice to 6 pies. Slice makes it extremely easy for us to receive all these orders and get them out the door. Not only does it benefit us, but they make it easier for people in our community to order and reorder from Billy’s,” said Coku.

Any pizzeria interested in collaborating with Slice, can connect via their website here.

“Slice is perfect for anyone. It’s for the pizza lovers who are looking for authentic and fresh pizza at any time and place or parents who are in a rush and want a quick and easy way to get dinner for their family,” said Sela.

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Is your favorite pizza available on the Slice platform yet?

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