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Trailer Park: ‘The Bye Bye Man’ brings horror to theaters

Adventure, drama and horror await moviegoers this weekend. It’s Friday the 13th and also a full moon. One new horror film hopes to take advantage of the scarily unlucky date.

College friends accidentally free an evil spirit that torments anyone in its path in The Bye Bye Man. The only way to stop the suffering is to not think about or speak of The Bye Bye Man. The PG-13 horror film runs for one hour and thirty-six minutes.

An undercover Las Vegas police officer is entangled in a world of gangsters and corrupt cops in Sleepless. Following a botched robbery, his son is kidnapped for ransom and he becomes the subject of an internal investigation within the police department. He only has one night to save his son as he dodges internal affairs. Jamie Foxx stars in the crime drama alongside Michelle Monaghan, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dermot Mulroney and Gabrielle Union. The action packed thriller runs for the one hour and thirty-five minutes. It’s rated R for violence and language.

A creature takes residence in a teen’s truck in Monster Trucks. With the hope of getting out of town and starting anew, the two form an unlikely bond and go on an adventure of a lifetime. The PG animated adventure is playing in conventional and 3D theaters for one hour and forty minutes.

A widowed architect follows his late wife’s wishes to help a troubled teenage girl in Book of Love. Dreaming of sailing away from her troubles, the teen sets out to build her own raft. The man uses his design skills to help make her idea become a reality. Along the way, the two form a bond that helps them deal with their afflictions. Jessica Biel produced and stars in the limited released comedic drama alongside Jason Sudeikis, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, Paul Reiser and Orlando Jones. Justin Timberlake scored the one hour and forty-four minute PG-13 film.

The lives of three very different people intersect on the streets of London in 100 Streets. In the limited released drama, a retired rugby player struggles with his failing marriage while a drug dealer tries to start anew and a tragic accident puts stress on a couple’s relationship. The unrated drama is playing in limited theaters for one hour and thirty-three minutes.

Another film set in Great Britain is next week’s new crime thriller, Trespass Against Us. The latest installment in the XXX series is also scheduled to debut on Jan. 20 alongside M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller, Split.

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