'This is Us' star Chrissy Metz discusses her weight loss and future career plans

Fresh off of a Golden Globe nod, This is Us star Chrissy Metz is looking ahead.

Metz sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about what's next for her This is Us character, Kate Pearson, as well as for her in real life. Metz says that her own personal weight loss journey will be reflected in Kate's upcoming story arc.

"That’s exciting for me, especially because losing weight is something I’ve struggled with and contemplated. I have lost weight and I’ve gained weight back. I wouldn’t have this amazing role if I’d already lost all the weight," she said. "When Kate starts to realize it’s more about how she feels about herself and not necessarily a number on the scale, that might take a backseat, but right now she has been obsessed with losing weight to make her happy."

Metz went into further detail about how Kate's weight journey mirrored her own and also about her co-star Chris Sullivan, who plays Kate's love-interest Toby on the show.

"We did have conversations. He said, 'I’m on your team and we’re in this together and partners.' It was such a special conversation for him to go out of his way to have with me, and it meant a lot, because you don’t always get along with your costars. Then sometimes you just hit it off instantly and it’s like a freight train."

This is Us returned to NBC on Jan. 10.


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