Zendaya dreams about walking in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

When we dream about walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show no one roots for us, but when Zendaya dreams about it we're all rooting for her.

On her app, the 20-year-old wrote, "I recently had a dream where I was modeling in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but I was the only person walking in it and I had to do all these crazy outfit changes."

The Disney Channel star continued, "I remember going out on the runway in baggy clothes, which covered the lingerie I had on underneath. I walked up and down the runway over and over again, almost robotically. The venue was super small. The whole thing was so ridiculous and it got me thinking, 'What could this mean?!'"

At this point of the story our BFF would have nodded sympathetically, but Zendaya took it one step further by consulting with practicing psychoanalyst Anne Cutler.

Cutler told Zendaya that "walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show might be a metaphor for anything in your current life that has a performative aspect."

However, the baggy clothes part suggests that the actress could be in conflict with wanting a private life, despite wanting to be "seen."

The practicing psychoanalyst also explained to Zendaya that her outfit changes in the dream could mean that she's overwhelmed with the different roles she has to play.

Zendaya just came out with a clothing line so it might not be that far of a stretch to see her on the runway or designing lingerie.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Zendaya on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway or releasing a lingerie line? Let us know!

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