12 music icons who have never won a Grammy

Some of the most influential artists in the music industry have never won a Grammy. Even further, there are some who haven't even been nominated. This is preposterous!

In some cases, artists were commemorated and awarded after they died. Why does this happen? The Lifetime Achievement Award is a common award that many icons on this list have earned. Despite selling millions of albums worldwide and making life-changing, everlasting music, these artists have not won a Grammy. We want to celebrate artists' achievements during their lifetime with this 59th anniversary of the Grammy Awards.

They are especially lacking awards in Album of the Year category. None of these mentioned artists have won, whereas Taylor Swift has won two. Are you surprised? Not to diss Swift, but how does she have two when artists like Bob Marley, Nicki Minaj and The Who have zero?

This is a shock to music fans who listen to these performers. Although the list is incomplete, here are a few artists who have never won a Grammy.

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